Silver Springs Festival of Lights

Last night, our family, along with the Wood family and Alex, traveled to Silver Springs for the Festival of Lights. They had lights on everything and Taft enjoyed riding in his stroller through them all. He would squeal and wave his arms every time we went around a new corner. He also got to ride his first carousel. Mommy had to help him of course, but we found a great rooster for him to ride. When it started to move he gave me a look that he was not sure what was going on. Then he thought it was great. We took a few photos but even with the night setting on the camera they didn't all turn out great. Emma, Jordan, and Alex were able to see Santa while Taft and I shopped for Christmas tree ornaments. Shane and I have always tried to get ornaments as souvenirs everywhere that we go. It's the only cheesy souvenir that we like. We were able to get a new family tree ornament and one for Shane's manroom tree and Taft's tree. Then we were all hungry and found a great Japanese Steakhouse. Taft fell asleep during dinner and didn't really wake up until this morning.

A little blurry but I am still posting it.
A pretty little deer
A palm tree with monkey
Taft's rooster
Jordan and Alex

Wes and Shelly


The Wood Family

Taft loves Rudolph

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  1. Cute! It looks like ya'll had a great time. I'm glad Taft liked the lights! Hallie loves Christmas lights. She always says, "Wook!! Pights!" LOL. And she'll say that until we answer her with, "Lights! I see them, too!" :o) Kids...so silly.

    Kyetra, you look GREAT! And that little Taft is becoming your mini-me a little more every day. :o)


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